Changinnng to default BIOS settings has created problems.

stevenvollom at stevenvollom at
Mon Apr 20 17:45:32 UTC 2009

> Can you get into the BIOS when the computer starts? 
> If you can see the BIOS screen properly, then you are probably right in 
> thinking the default BIOS values do not work well with your video card. 
I have trouble remembering how I did that.  I believe that I updated the 
drivers for the video card by opening an application called hardware, or 
something like that.  I remember there were two choiced for my Video 
Card.  A 173 and a 180.37, I believe to get the right drivers 
installed.  It was the 180.37 driver for my card.  But I don't know how 
to do that in the BIOS.  I remember that when I flashed the BIOS it was 
simple, other than the fact I had to use a listing that was for a C: 
drive, which is Windows, but it worked just fine at the time.  There 
wasn't an option for Linux, in any event.  The drivers, however, were a 
wonderful improvement over default drivers that worked fine.  That is 
why I don't understand why the default drivers don't work now.

The Motherboard has an nVidia 780a chip and the capabilities to run 
three video cards.  Since my card is an nVidia 9600 Gforce, it should 
work OK with default drivers.

I am a bit confused about BIOS settings.  I remember that I flashed the 
proper BIOS, but I can't figure out how to do it now, and I can't seem 
to find my manual at the moment.

How would you word a Google entry with my problem?  I am not sure what 
to say.

> I'd try googling to see if anyone has had a similar problem and what 
> settings are correct for your video card. If you still see stripes in 
> the BIOS, I'd put my money on a faulty video card (or maybe it moved a 
> little bit on the slot - worth a shot to pull it out and resettle it).
> HTH,

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