Changinnng to default BIOS settings has created problems.

Ignazio Palmisano ignazio_io at
Mon Apr 20 17:25:22 UTC 2009

stevenvollom at wrote:
> After  a Plasmoid Panel caused crash, my computer shut down without 
> warning.  When I booted, no screen  would come up, completely black.  I 
> waited about 10 minutes in case things were being repaired in the 
> background.  Nothing happened.  I shut down the system and turned off 
> the power at the power supply and rebooted and got a screen.
> The computer opened and had a Crash notification of the Plasmoid Panel.  
> I responded to the request to provide a crash report.  Upon completion, 
> I was left with a completely white screen with no way to move from that 
> screen, so I booted again.  This time I was requested to set the BIOS 
> defaults.  I did and rebooted.  Now I get a screen half black with pale 
> blue vertical lines about 1/2 cm wide on the bottom of the screen and 
> the upper screen is red with pale pink vertical lines also the same width.
> I am pretty sure the video card settings are changed by the default 
> settings, but I do not know that.

Can you get into the BIOS when the computer starts? (that's usually done 
by pressing Del or one of the functions keys - your motherboard manual 
will tell you that)
If you can see the BIOS screen properly, then you are probably right in 
thinking the default BIOS values do not work well with your video card. 
I'd try googling to see if anyone has had a similar problem and what 
settings are correct for your video card. If you still see stripes in 
the BIOS, I'd put my money on a faulty video card (or maybe it moved a 
little bit on the slot - worth a shot to pull it out and resettle it).

> I am using Jaunty beta, because my new computer will not work using 
> Intrepid.  The components are as follows and worked fine the minute I 
> upgraded to Jaunty KDE.
> AMD Phenom Quad Core 9600, ASUS M3N-HT Mempipe Motherboard with the 
> nVidia 780a chip.  8gb ECC SDRAM, 9600 nVidia Gforce 512mg DDR3 Video 
> Card, 800W BFG power supply, 500gb SATA HDD.  Jaunty's abilities were 
> required to make this stuff work in Linux.
> Eventually I would get a screen prompt and password request, but I do 
> not know what to type in the way of a helpful command.
> When I boot now, I get the below.
> I booted and entered the boot menu.  I attempted restore and the other 
> alternative openings and restore options.  I attempted the dpkg option 
> which failed.
> I required a lot of help setting my system up, including help with the 
> setup of the BIOS.  My experience level and memory as it relates to the 
> process is lacking.
> Could someone help me troubleshoot the BIOS?  Additionally, I believe if 
> I could get the 180.37 drivers installed, I would get video back.  TIA
> Steven

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