Is Canonical against Kubuntu (1): the translation disaster

Anton antonxx at
Sun Apr 19 20:54:32 UTC 2009

Matthew Flaschen wrote:

> Anton wrote:
>> Ubuntu/Kubuntu claims to be the best user friendly desktop
>> application.
> I doubt that, considering it's not an application.  Perhaps instead of
> ranting in all caps, you could ask some intelligent questions ("Is
> anyone else having problems with German translations?", "Is this a known
> issue?", "Which packages should I install?"), file bug reports as
> needed, and even offer to help.
>> I remember some discussions on german blogs telling
>> that kde is already translated (at least in germany there
>> is a big fan comunity) but the problems arises that
>> canonical wants absolutely to remanage the translations
>> with launchpad!
> I don't think they're remanaging anything.  They have a system that
> allows people to easily add /additional/ translations in a standard
> format (GNU GetText).

I looked at

which is in german sorry, here they tell that kde stuff is imported in 
rosetta and then you can translate it ... but will this go back
to the kde source, if not there will be inconsistencies.

Hmmm just went to:

looking how to translate ... but I do not find kubuntu here?

>> (Compare with suse linux, even if I left it some years ago
>> after using it for 11 years for using kubuntu)
> What a surprise that a German desktop has would prioritize German
> "localization".
German is only an example.
>> Does canonical want to take the control (some people
>> in germany speak from *sabotage*) over KDE or at least the
>> translation .. first and then .. ???
> I don't see how Ubuntu is sabotaging KDE.  Ubuntu imports KDE upstream
> translations, and they offer any additional work under a permissive
> license.  But if KDE (for whatever reason) just wants to say, "Screw
> them" they can just ignore Ubuntu's work.

hmmm, I prefer if translations are kept in one place instead of two,
so you have less konverstions/transfer problems as there seem to be.

>> Conclusion:
>> Since the translation are already managed by the KDE team,
> If you think KDE ships complete translations into every language, you're
> in delusion.

Possibly yes, but for example:
as I installed kubuntu 8.04 in kmail 
I saw the englich "get mail" instead the german one.

This is what you see on the main window when you start the program,
not in some deeper menu items or dialogs.

>> kubuntu should use this *only one base*, splitting efforts
>> is contraproductive: some bug reports go to kubuntu, some to kde
>> and at the end nobody feels responsible.
> It's very simple.  KDE is responsible for what KDE ships, Ubuntu is
> responsible for what Ubuntu ships.  Obviously, bugs can be connected,
> and every bug system provides some way (some cleaner than others) to do
> so.
> Matt Flaschen

OK, but as I read in some german blogs some people pointed 
to rosetta and bugs in this tool which were responsible for some issues.


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