Is Canonical against Kubuntu (1): the translation disaster

Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at
Sun Apr 19 22:50:33 UTC 2009

Anton wrote:
> which is in german sorry, here they tell that kde stuff is imported in 
> rosetta and then you can translate it ... but will this go back
> to the kde source, if not there will be inconsistencies.

Yes, of course it can go back.  It's just like any upstream patch.  KDE
coordinates with Ubuntu, and KDE has the final say on what goes
upstream.  But to say that Ubuntu is hoarding or something makes no
sense.  It's all free and in standard format.

> Hmmm just went to:
> looking how to translate ... but I do not find kubuntu here?

You can start at .  Already on
that first page, you see several key KDE applications.

> hmmm, I prefer if translations are kept in one place instead of two,
> so you have less konverstions/transfer problems as there seem to be.

Every distro makes changes to distribution packages.  I make no claim
that every change is an improvement, but it's wrong to assume bad faith.
 Ubuntu is doing their best to craft a useful distro.

> Possibly yes, but for example:
> as I installed kubuntu 8.04 in kmail 
> I saw the englich "get mail" instead the german one.

Okay, why not head over to
  and take a look.

> This is what you see on the main window when you start the program,
> not in some deeper menu items or dialogs.

Yes, I get that it's a problem.  The issue is how to solve it

Matt Flaschen

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