Astronomy and Computerised Telescopes

Norbert Marchl norbert.marchl at
Sat Apr 18 12:03:08 UTC 2009

David Fletcher schrieb:
> I'm wondering, does anybody here use computer controlled telescopes with 
> Linux?
> I've always rather fancied having a telescope, and these days I could afford 
> to buy the new Meade model which automatically aligns itself using a built in 
> GPS receiver and digital sensor.
> The potential problem is, that AIUI the controllers for these need to be 
> updated for new comets, path changes of asteroids due to gravitational tugs 
> from other objects they pass, etc. The Meade site only mentions support for 
> Windows. So, does anybody use these instruments with Linux? If so how?
I'm not a (hobby) astromer, but you can look unter follwing link:

It's a KDE dektop program, but includes following (from original site):


    * Catalogs:
          o Default catalog consisting of stars to magnitude 8
          o Extra catalogs consisting of 100 million stars to magnitude 16
          o Downloadable catalogs including Messier Images, Abell
            Planetary Nebulae
    * Corrections for precession, nutation and atmospheric refraction
    * Tools for retrieval of data from Online Databases
    * Scriptable actions using D-Bus
    * Integration with INDI provides support for a wide range of instruments
    * Features for Educators and Students:
          o Adjustable simulation speed in order to view phenomena that
            happen over long timescales
          o KStars Astrocalculator to access some of the internal
            calculations of KStars, and also to predict conjunctions etc
          o Astroinfo project to help facilitate learning with the aid
            of KStars
          o Internet links for further information / pictures of objects
    * Features for Amateur Astronomers:
          o Observing List tool to plan observations
          o FOV Editor helps calculate field of view of equipment and
            display them
          o Obtain AAVSO light curves for variable stars
          o What's up tonight tool
          o Altitude vs Time tool
          o Sky Calendar tool

try a look at this and contact the author, maybe he can help you.


> Thanks
> Dave

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