8.04, cant't connect to wireless net with WEP key

marc gmane at auxbuss.com
Fri Apr 3 21:54:03 UTC 2009

Uwe Brauer said...
> Hello
> this is odd. I can connect to every open wireless net, I even can 
> connect to wireless net using WPA 2 keys.
> But I tried to connect to a network with WEP enabled and finally the 
> connection gets refused.
> I can perfectly connect using MS XP, so I am wondering that may be 
> knetworkmanager does not transmit the key undamaged.
> Or can somebody point me out how to connect to a wireless net with
> WEP using other tools than knetworkmanager.
> no nm-applet does not work neither.

I had similar symptoms a while back on a dual boot XP & 8.04.

I think the problem was that something didn't like the WEP password 
being less that the "max" length. 13 chars?

Anyway, we got bored trying to frig about with it and nipped out and 
bought a new Linksys/Cisco. Plain sailing ever since.


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