8.04, cant't connect to wireless net with WEP key

Uwe Brauer oub at mat.ucm.es
Fri Apr 3 23:21:26 UTC 2009

marc wrote:
> Uwe Brauer said...
>> Hello
>> this is odd. I can connect to every open wireless net, I even can 
>> connect to wireless net using WPA 2 keys.
>> But I tried to connect to a network with WEP enabled and finally the 
>> connection gets refused.
>> I can perfectly connect using MS XP, so I am wondering that may be 
>> knetworkmanager does not transmit the key undamaged.
>> Or can somebody point me out how to connect to a wireless net with
>> WEP using other tools than knetworkmanager.
>> no nm-applet does not work neither.
> I had similar symptoms a while back on a dual boot XP & 8.04.
> I think the problem was that something didn't like the WEP password 
> being less that the "max" length. 13 chars?
well the passwd has a length of 26 chars
> Anyway, we got bored trying to frig about with it and nipped out and 
> bought a new Linksys/Cisco. Plain sailing ever since.

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