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Matthew Flaschen matthew.flaschen at gatech.edu
Wed Apr 1 04:36:44 UTC 2009

Steven Vollom wrote:
>>> It is hard for me to believe the OS is using 44 GB, on a Linux machine.
>>>  I expect some of this is your data.
>>> Can you run:
>>> df -Th
> I have a poor memory, however,  I meant to have a 50gb primary drive 
> partition.  Here it looks like it is only 19gb, but where is the data 
> stored in that is identified by the 6 tmpfs at 3.9gb each.  If they are 
> in the primary drive partition, I am accurate about the 50gb partition 
> with only 6gb remaining.  Sda5 and 6 look right.
>>> with the filesystem in question mounted?  Assuming it is /, the command
>>> would be:
>>> fdupes -nr /
> There were 215,000 entries that had an error opening file and could not 
> read file.

That's okay.  Most of them were probably /dev or /sys, or secure files
(e.g. /etc/shadow).  If you want, you can run:

sudo fdupes -nr /

and you'll be able to check more.  Probably not worth it though.

> Could you take a small segment of what I
> included and explain how to understand what to remove and what must be
> retained.  I wouldn't even know what to ask for a google search.

It's not always obvious.  I'll try to give a few tips, as you asked.

>> /home/steven/Desktop/Home.desktop
>> /usr/share/kde4/apps/kio_desktop/DesktopLinks/Home.desktop

This is just a default file.  You should leave it so everything will be
normal if you create another user.

>> /home/steven/Desktop/e-Sword.msi
>> /home/steven/.wine/drive_c/windows/temp/msi1637.tmp
>> /home/steven/.wine/drive_c/windows/temp/msi26c0.tmp
>> /home/steven/.wine/drive_c/windows/temp/msi4c0.tmp
>> /home/steven/.wine/drive_c/windows/temp/msi12bf.tmp
>> /home/steven/.wine/drive_c/windows/Installer/633b.msi
>> /home/steven/.wine/drive_c/windows/Installer/8e9f.msi
>> /home/steven/.wine/drive_c/windows/temp/msi1801.tmp  
>> /home/steven/.wine/drive_c/windows/profiles/steven/Local 
>> Settings/Application Data/Downloaded 
>> Installations/{EC4932D3-C9E1-463F-9786-22F69E701B56}/e-Sword.msi   

This is apparently a temp file that was copied all over.  You can delete
them all if you don't plan to reinstall.

>> /home/steven/Documents/Inkheart[2008]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG.4793640.TPB.torrent                                                           
>> /home/steven/Torrents/Inkheart[2008]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG.torrent       
>> /home/steven/.local/share/Trash/files/Inkheart[2008]DvDrip[Eng]-FXG.4793640.TPB.torrent    

I would just delete all old torrent files.

>> /home/steven/e-Sword/BibleFiles/nblh.bbl
>> /home/steven/backup/OldComputerStuff/HomeStevenStuff/Desktop 
>> Stuff/BibleFiles/nblh.bbl                                              

Obvious what these are.

>> /home/steven/e-Sword/.directory
>> /home/steven/Downloads/.directory
>> /home/steven/backup/OldComputerStuff/.directory
>> /home/steven/Code/.directory                   
>> /home/steven/.mozilla-thunderbird/cfk9v44c.default/Mail/Local 
>> Folders/Inbox.sbd/donbnfborn                                          
>> /home/steven/HOME/Inbox.sbd/donbnfborn     

Not sure.  What is /home/steven/HOME

>> /home/steven/.fontconfig/57e423e26b20ab21d0f2f29c145174c3-x86-64.cache-2                                                           
>> /var/cache/fontconfig/57e423e26b20ab21d0f2f29c145174c3-x86-64.cache-2                                                              

Normal.  Just leave it.

>> /lib/modules/2.6.28-11-generic/modules.order
>> /lib/modules/2.6.28-11-server/modules.order

These are from old kernels.  Don't try to remove anything manually, but
you can do, e.g.:

sudo apt-get remove linux-image-2.6.25-2-386

Don't actually run that command, it's just an example.  But this shows
how you can remove an old kernel, if you're sure which is old!

>> /lib/partman/mountoptions/ext4
>> /lib/partman/mountoptions/ext3
>> /lib/partman/mountoptions/ext2
>> /lib/partman/mountoptions/fat16
>> /lib/partman/mountoptions/fat32
>> /lib/partman/active_partition/99finish/do_option
>> /lib/partman/choose_partition/90finish/do_option
>> /lib/partman/active_partition/45jfs/do_option
>> /lib/partman/active_partition/45xfs/do_option
>> /lib/partman/active_partition/25divider/choices
>> /lib/partman/choose_partition/65divider_down/choices
>> /lib/partman/choose_partition/55divider_up/choices  
>> /lib/partman/active_partition/25divider/do_option
>> /lib/partman/choose_partition/65divider_down/do_option
>> /lib/partman/choose_partition/55divider_up/do_option  
>> /lib/partman/parted_names/efi
>> /lib/partman/parted_names/fat16
>> /srv/cvs/CVSROOT/modules
>> /srv/cvs/CVSROOT/.#modules

Why are you running a CVS server?
>> /bin/gunzip
>> /bin/uncompress


>> /etc/java-6-sun/logging.properties
>> /etc/java-6-openjdk/logging.properties

You have two versions of Java, which may or may not be what you want.

I don't know.  You didn't post df -Th, and I'm not sure how your
filesystem is laid out.  The command I gave was only an example, as I
said.  It's possible that for instance /etc is mounted inside of Documents.

> And what about the 215,000
> entried that were unreadable.  Should they all be removed?


Matt Flaschen

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