Laptop CPU freezes--hdparm and harddrive temps/cycles

Larry Hartman larryhartman50 at
Thu Sep 25 13:43:42 BST 2008

On Wednesday 24 September 2008 06:41:27 am Eberhard Roloff wrote:
> Larry Hartman schrieb:
> >> Larry,
> >>
> >> what do all the nifty dials of ksensors report in regard to load and
> >> cpu/hh temperatures?
> >
> > there is only the CPU temp sensor listed in the program config
> > window....this fluctuates between 103-140ish, the high end when the CPU
> > is crunched.
> Did you try as root sensors-detect. If you are lucky a few sensors
> might be detected and afterwards KDE should offer them for display.

Nothing more added.

> > placed the simple system monitor applet on my panel and the system tray
> > icon for ksensors to watch the CPU activity in conjunction with the CPU
> > temp.
> >
> > I have smartmon tools installed--is there a gui related to this that is
> > convenient to mon hdd temp?  I do hear the occassional park click on one
> > of my harddrives every now and then, but am not counting anywhere close
> > to 12 an hour.
> For sure there are commandline tools that I currently do not remeber.
> However, I experienced both on different machines: working harddsik
> monitoring via ksensors and no monitoring at all.
> Again, should your BIOS have a "smartmon" (or very similar)
> configuration, be sure to activate this.

No joy....apparent to me that manufacturer didnt spend any money to add these 
tools.  Went through BIOS three times to be sure. Oh well

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