modem usr 5637

John Heinen hensandpat at
Mon Sep 1 17:19:30 BST 2008

Nils Kassube wrote:
> John Heinen wrote:
>> Aha, I am getting there, thanks for getting me on the way, but if I
>> would have asked you the way to Washington DC , you could say  " just
>> take your car and drive east ."
>> So, where do I go and find this  'wvdial' ?  Go to system?, click on
>> computer?, click on network?, click on ? and on?
> Good point. Wvdial is a CLI program, i.e. you have to open a terminal and 
> type the command wvdial. However that isn't exactly true as well because 
> first you would have to configure the modem. I just connected my old 56k 
> modem and tested how it works - you need this command:
> sudo wvdialconf
> The modem was connected via a serial <-> USB converter and it was found at 
> the right port /dev/ttyUSB0 without extra input and I didn't need an init 
> string because the configuration program is "intelligent" enough. 
> Probably it will find your modem as well without extra input. However I 
> didn't test how to setup and connect to a provider because I don't have a 
> dialin provider any longer. If you really want to use wvdial, you will 
> have to look at the documentation. You can use the command
> man -a wvdial wvdialconf wvdial.conf
> to read a lot of info which will hopefully get you started. Or you can 
> read the individual man page sections if you enter "#wvdial" etc. into 
> the address bar of konqueror.
> And now you can probably forget (nearly?) all of what I wrote before 
> because I would recommend to use the program kppp instead. It is a GUI 
> program and is probably easier to setup. You can find it in the internet 
> section of the K-menu. In the configuration of kppp you have to select 
> the port for your modem (/dev/ttyACM0) and again I didn't need an init 
> string for the modem. The rest should be more or less obvious. And now 
> I'll put that old modem away again :)
>> I won't quit though, because some day I too will be a full fledged
>> Linux operator, click here, click there, and finally get to where I
>> want to be. Please don't take this as being sarcastic, no, absolutely
>> no,  I and many others appreciate your input. Grandpa
> I don't take it as being sarcastic. Sometimes I (and probably others here 
> as well) need a reminder that what is obvious to me isn't obvious to 
> everybody.
> Nils
Geat guy, thanks.  I'll get back to you after a few days.  J.H.

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