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alan c aeclist at
Thu Oct 30 19:35:59 GMT 2008

Hans Henry von Tresckow wrote:
> On Thu, Oct 30, 2008 at 10:36 AM, Nigel Ridley
> <nigel at> wrote:
>> I just burnt a copy of the latest Ibex 8.10 (after first checking the md5sum). I got K3B to check
>> the integrity of the burn and it came up with an error -- that the burnt image doesn't match the
>> original.
>> How come? I've never had this happen before.
>> Any pointers on how to overcome this problem? I tried twice burning another copy but it too is a
>> coaster.
>> As I said the md5sum is OK -- should I try downloading the ISO again? Will it make any difference?
>> Blessings,
>> Nigel
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> Nigjel, I think this may be an issue with the latest k3b in hardy.  I
> had the same problem burning a replacement 8.04 disk recently, yet the
> disk seems to be working. Unfortunately I can't check it right now as
> my poor laptop went to HP for repairs and had to be "revirginized"
> first. I just hope my backups work....

I am sure it is a k3b/hardy problem. I have got k3b post burn checks 
as all fails and I checked each one separately using md5sum and they 
are all ok. I guess it is realated to the k3b telling the burner drive 
to eject and hen reload, not sure, but anyway, the burns are ok, just 
the self check is a problem.
alan cocks
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