The NEW 3D PanUbuntu Was: Is it me or does Hardy run like a pig?

Donn donn.ingle at
Sat Oct 18 13:30:59 BST 2008

I always thought (but not deeply :) ) that a first-person *world* would make a 
great UI. Imagine something like PlaneShift (the game, very nice BTW) where 
this happens:

I am in the main room of my castle. Each wall is a 'desktop' I can zoom into 
it, tear away zip across to another (or the ceiling). I can go out the door 
into another set of desktops. Perhaps I code in the main room and run email 
and stuff in the next. 

I don't have time to walk through doors and down stairs, but I can setup 
hyperspace portals to any room. 

Icons to start apps can be on desktops or can be hanging like paintings on the 
walls or floating around the space.

I can have a vast room full of folder icons. Documents that I can throw around 
(bump desktop style) and arrange into stacks as I need.

The Recycle room can be a pile of trash -- folder and document icons all 
scrunched-up. I can arrange them as I need. I pull a lever on the wall and 
the floor opens and they all fall into a giant fire!

I get a call on Skype (I know, don't kill me but Ekiga just won't work) and I 
zip up to my sky-room where the interface floats before me. If I need to drop 
a file onto the chat I can open a 'globe' which calls the entire castle into 
it and I can quickly zip to the folder room and find one. I drag the 3D 
document icons to the chat.

Daemons could be actual monsters and such. Apache would be an indian with the 
feather :) They walk about in the dungeons mostly. Their speed of walking 
(flying, lurching) could indicate their activity. When the fork, they clone 
and the children are smaller and chained to the parent.
To kill them you shoot them. Of course :D

Outer space could be where you keep widgets orbiting the planet. Want to see 
the latest Dilbert? Hyperspace to there and fly around your widget space.

SSH would start a new castle next door!

And so on. Would be cool. Now go code damnit!


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