Fresh install?

Derek Broughton news at
Wed Oct 15 18:58:59 BST 2008

Donn wrote:

>> If you do a fresh install and you have (as I do) my /home in a seperate
>> partion, is the new install overwriting the existing /home?
> During install you get to partition the drive -- simply tell it *not* to
> format your current /home partition (make a note of where it is before you
> begin the installation). This way it will not be erased.
> When you get further in the install it will start to write stuff into .kde
> and other hidden folders in your home. You should make backups of these
> 'dot' folders before you begin installing -- *but* overall this is not a
> big deal and your new version should simply re-use (or overwrite) any old
> config files you had from before.

I'm suspecting a disaster in the making if you try this with the 8.10
upgrade, because of the change from kde3 to kde4.
> I would backup 
everything :-)

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