Lost Wireless with new 26.21 Kernel

Willy Hamra w.hamra1987 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 10:14:04 BST 2008

On 15/10/2008, Jonas Norlander <jonorland at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2008/10/15 Douglas Murray <murray.dw at gmail.com>:
> > Hi All
> >
> > Can anyone help me with this problem?  I run Ubuntu 8.04 with Kernel 26.19
> > and all runs fine(on eee 900) , until...  The system let me know that their
> > were upgrades waiting.  I initiated the update which created a new kernel
> > 26.21 which disabled (and I can't see where) the wrreless interface ath0.
> >
> The kernel i have is and the one i can upgrade to is
> so i guess that 26.21 is just a typo?
> I can't see anything in the changelog for the kernel related to
> network though there is some network related changes in the
> linux-restricted-modules package. What networkcard do you have and
> what driver is it using? I would file a bug and keep running the old
> kernel until it's fixed.

sometimes i notice that a kernel gets releases, but the restricted
modules for that kernel are not released along with it, could his
problem be that he has not installed the restricted modules for his
new kernel? i don't have an atheros wireless to test this out, so
can't be sure.

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