Beta 8.10 released

Derek Broughton news at
Fri Oct 10 13:48:15 BST 2008

Emanoil Kotsev wrote:

> Now after we've figured out how I can keep kde3 running, let's clear also
> the question with updated after 12 months. will hardy go away or I'll be
> able to file bugs if any somehwere and get them fixed?
> This is the crucial point in all of my tribute to this discussion. As I
> said I've installed kubuntu only because I thought it would have LST like
> ubuntu which turned not to be true.

Now, that's a very interesting question.  Unlike edgy, which no longer gets
security updates or is even available from the standard urls, hardy Ubuntu
_is_ an LTS so all the non-kde apps will continue to get security updates
and the repository will be there at least until 2013 (when server support
> As I understood in 12 months hardy will be gone forever - am I right. What
> if I find a bug then ... or if the things I find disturbing are still not
> solved?

If you find a bug in kde3, you'll be out of luck.  If you find a bug in
anything else, it'll still be handled.

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