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Steve C. Lamb grey at
Tue Oct 7 17:28:36 BST 2008

On Tue, Oct 07, 2008 at 01:40:23AM -0700, Emanoil Kotsev wrote:
> I think it is important that things move forward, so they have to move
> forward.

    I this I agree.  For the KDE developers.  Them moving forward is good.
But for the people taking their work and packaging it for others I don't feel
they have to move forward just because the developers have.  They have to look
at the state of the project and when the time is right.  The issue is not that
people don't want to move forward.  It is that people don't want to move
forward right now because now is not the time in their opinion.  

> About the 3D stuff - it's not a linux/kde/kubuntu problem. I am one of those
> who are discriminated by intel chips, which do not support 3d on two
> monitors i.e. resolution above 2048x2048, so it's mainly a driver,
> manufacturer issue, especially because GL stuff is partly proprietary, but
> as you say you are experienced user you should know this already, so we can
> not blame the community, because they do what they can.

    Actually, what i was referring to were the days back when installing the
binary drivers meant downloading them, compiling by hand, for each kernel, and
editing the xorg.conf to use the driver without messing up anything else.  It
was a long process which, if you did it many times, was 30m start to finish.
But if you're a person who compiles rarely and only did it once every 6-7
months when the kernel moved forward it was 2-3 hours and many reboots.

    At the time I argued for the practical approach of having those as
packages in non-free just so it would work.  Many people argued against it
based on the purity of the distribution.  It annoyed me to no end.  So when
Mepis, then another Debian based distribution and finally Ubuntu took the
practical over the pure approach I switched to them.

    I agree that the manufacturers are not doing as much as they could to
ensure their devices are working on Linux.  The wireless and 3-D problems that
are endemic on Ubuntu (and Linux in general) I do not blame on Canonical (or
Debian, Red Har, Fedora, etc) but on the manufacturers.
> Steve, I still do not understand why you picked up 8.10 beta??? and then
> complain about. If it's beta it's pretty clear it's not someething for the
> everyday life?

    I'm not complaining about the beta.  Notice in this entire thread I have
not actively discussed problems with the software.  I am discussing the
process and choices that put the software in place.  That is entirely

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