Beta 8.10 released

Derek Broughton news at
Sun Oct 5 18:32:16 BST 2008

p.daniels wrote:

> On Saturday October 4 2008 15:43:00 Knapp wrote:
>> Yes, community is what *ubuntu is about and having the latest and
>> greatest but the fact that the stuff works without much problem is why
>> it is being taken up en mass. You drop the "it just works" and you
>> will loose most of the people that are coming to Linux through Ubuntu
>> from Windows. Newbie don't want to fix a system or debug it, they want
>> to use one and learn it. Like it or not Ubuntu is THE newbie system
>> but there are a lot of other distros just waiting for it to slip up,
>> Mandriva for example would love to get back the pack. Finding bugs is
>> not what *ubuntu is about. That is what alpha and beta is about!
> I agree that Ubuntu (Gnome) is "the n00b Linux," but Kubuntu (KDE) isn't
> and never has been. I don't recommend it to first-timers, do you?

Er... yes.  It's a darn sight easier for a Windows user to understand KDE
than Gnome (and it looks better...)

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