Why use a virtual machine?

Paul Rumelhart godshatter at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 30 16:54:24 GMT 2008

nepal wrote:
> On Sunday 30 Nov 2008, Steve Lamb wrote:
>>     My home usage is not so robust.  I have a single
>> VirtualBox VM which boots the KUbuntu partition on my
>> dual-boot machine.  When I'm playing games in WinXP and
>> need access to my Linux desktop I just run VM instead of
>> shut everything down, twiddle for a few minutes on the
>> Linux desktop, then reboot back into Windows and load up
>> my games again.  Something tells me that the reverse of
>> this is what most people would be looking for out of
>> VirtualBox and WinXP.  ;)
> When I looked into this I understand that the reverse is not 
> so good, i.e. running a VM inside Linux of a Windows system 
> because there is no support for 3d acceleration in VM. That 
> is exactly what I want to do, play 2 old win 95 games 
> inside a VM. Am I mistaken?
> nepal.

The latest version of VMWare Player has support for DirectX 9.  It's 
slow, but it does work.  Your old Win 95 games would probably work OK, 
but you're not going to be able to play Crysis on it.  I installed 
Morrowind, and it started but it went to a black screen after about 30 
seconds of play when I walked to an area where there too many objects in 

I purchased VMWare Workstation and built a VM for XP.  Now I've been 
running some older software that I've wanted to run but Wine couldn't 


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