Konqueror rules, Dolphin must die

Emanoil Kotsev deloptes at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 2 17:14:35 GMT 2008

Knapp wrote:

>> Would you really want Peter to come across a message that he should have
>> his fingers cut off?
>> --
>> Dotan Cohen
> Cutting off a programmer's fingers might be painful but I am not so
> sure it is rude.
> Webster:
> 1 a: being in a rough or unfinished state : crude <rude line
> illustrations> b: natural  , raw <rude cotton> c: primitive  ,
> undeveloped <peasants use rude wooden plows — Jack Raymond> d: simple
> , elemental <landscape done in rude whites, blacks, deep browns —
> Richard Harris
> 2: lacking refinement or delicacy: a: ignorant  , unlearned b:
> inelegant  , uncouth c: offensive in manner or action : discourteous
> d: uncivilized  , savage e: coarse  , vulgar
> 3: marked by or suggestive of lack of training or skill :
> inexperienced <rude workmanship>
> 4: robust  , sturdy <in rude health>
> 5: occurring abruptly and disconcertingly <a rude awakening>
> AH, so it is rude. :-)
> As per 2, but it is true as per 1 and 3 in his opinion (and mine as
> 8.10 version.).
> Cohen, why did they write Dolphine? I mean what was really wrong with
> Konqueror?

Knapp, there was  a long discussion in the kde-user list as far as I
remember, where the pro's and contras has been discussed. I also remember
watching a youtube presentation about dolphin.

I don't mind writing a crappy program for whatever reason they want to, but
putting it into a distro where it has nothing to do and making it default
deserves much more rude language and action than what I'm actually saying

In the discussion it was said finally who's the reason for this - the
kubuntu team. 
Please guys _do_ learn from your mistakes. I accept your apologies in
If they don't read this list, please someone tell them, because I'm
obviously too rude to do so ;-)


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