konversation keeps getting owned

Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Sat Mar 29 17:16:03 UTC 2008

D. Michael McIntyre wrote:

> On Saturday 29 March 2008, Derek Broughton wrote:
>> Newsgroups will be slightly slower due to the batch nature of updating
>> the news spool.
> Plus only one post in every 142,000 isn't spam.  

Not even close.  You just have to use a reliable news service.  However, I
wasn't really thinking of Usenet, but either dedicated NNTP servers (as
some vendors use) or gated news like gmane - which is strictly mail lists,
but slower :-).

>> LOL.  I'm perplexed by what appears to me to be a resurgence of IRC for
>> support - essentially, ever since I started using Ubuntu, where the devs
>> use IRC a lot,
> Yeah, they do.  I got invited to join some channel or other several months
> ago, and haven't gotten around to it yet.  Probably won't.

I was actively trying to help resolve a bug in something years ago, until
asked to get onto IRC...  I'm sorry, I want to be helpful, but you
shouldn't make me go through hell to get there.

> I can't stand waiting on somebody to finish typing something already.  I
> don't care how slowly you type, or how long it takes you to organize and
> compose your thoughts, just don't make me sit here on the clock waiting on
> your slow ass.

Right.  And of course they never learned to type, so they hunt & peck in
l33t.  I can type full sentences faster than the kids type their
unintelligible shorthand.

> I can't stand any other forms of IM either.  I was on ICQ for awhile, many
> years ago, and after I had had the little icon set to invisible or
> whatever for a couple of months, I realized what I needed to do.

I do a support shift for my university that requires MSN (which I do via
kopete).  Thankfully, nobody has ever tried to contact me (at least, I
don't think so - like I'd really know?)

> Getting a phone call is kind of the same thing, but it's less annoying

I hate phones, too - but at least we don't use party lines anymore, which is
what ICQ is.

> I guess I'm just a crotchety old bastard.

No guess at all!  I recognize the type from personal experience :-)

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