konversation keeps getting owned

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sat Mar 29 16:50:33 UTC 2008

On Saturday 29 March 2008, Derek Broughton wrote:
>D. Michael McIntyre wrote:
>> On Friday 28 March 2008, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Is there another IRC client available that perhaps is a bit more secure
>>> than konversation?
>> There's a million of them.  Most of them old school.
>> apt-cache search irc|grep client
>> Pick something.  If it sucks, pick something else.  I think I used to use
>> BitchX before I remembered how much I despise IRC and all other forms of
>> live chat.
>LOL.  I'm perplexed by what appears to me to be a resurgence of IRC for
>support - essentially, ever since I started using Ubuntu, where the devs
>use IRC a lot, I've been finding more and more software projects using IRC.
>I hate it - I can't stand the interleaving of discussion.  Unlike
>newsgroups, which are like a private discussion (with a million people
>eavesdropping, and occasionally butting in), it's like trying to hold a
>conversation in a room full of people shouting at the top of their lungs.

I was there Thursday, and while there were 400 bots logged in, apparently no 
humans, so after 10 minutes of having my question ignored, I left.

If they are gonna do support on IRC, there really should be someone available.

Looking for BitchX now.

Cheers, Gene
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