Exporting PDF as MP3?

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Mar 22 23:48:43 UTC 2008

On 23/03/2008, D. Michael McIntyre <michael.mcintyre at rosegardenmusic.com> wrote:
> On Saturday 22 March 2008, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>  > In KPDF one can have the text spoken out loud. Is it possible to make
>  > an MP3 recording of that? I'm thinking along the lines of a command to
>  > run in Konsole that would take a PDF file as an argument and output a
>  > MP3, but I don't know where to start.
> You sure come up with unusual questions, Dotan.  PDF to MP3.  I'm shaking my
>  head in bemused disbelief.

I do an hour's walking each day to/from the university. There is only
so much Pantera and Sepultura one can take!

>  I don't see how to turn on this text to speech gadget in KPDF, so I'm not sure
>  where to start playing.  I'd be shocked if there were an existing solution
>  out there already, but it's probably possible to string some things together.
>  Stay tuned.  I have PDF to text to speech automated, and I'm working on a
>  hands off recorder.  This could actually work.

Not a bad idea, for those times when one has his ears free, but cannot
hold a book.

Dotan Cohen


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