Printing to a Windows 2000 server shared printer

Valter Mura valtermura at
Sun Mar 9 08:52:57 UTC 2008

Il sabato 8 marzo 2008 14:21:56 Tom R ha scritto:
> > Sinclair wrote:
> > using ip-address as well as servername, no luck. It
> > comes up in Smb4K (the share that is) but I can not
> > print from that either...
> Sinclair,
> The 2.6.22 kernel has a problem in the module cifs
> (version 1.49) which prevents mounting more than 1
> cifs share at a time.  The problem appears in Ubuntu
> 7.10, openSUSE 10.3 and other 2.6.22 based distros.
> It wasn't there in earlier kernels and distros (e.g.,
> openSUSE 10.2, Ubuntu 7.04) and has been fixed in
> later kernels (e.g., Kubuntu 8.04 Alphas, openSUSE
> 11.0 Alphas).  I noticed it with Samba, but it may
> have affected Windows 2000 servers.  It showed up when
> implementing the smb2 protocol (Windows 2003 servers)
> so it may not have affected them.  If this is the
> problem, your printer mighr work if you umount any
> mounted Windows shares.

This could be the solution to my problem with the 2.6.22 kernel on my system? 
I cannot run this kernel, while I can run 2.6.20 without problem (I mean on a 

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