Problem with kde 3.5.9

lanzen lanzenesi at
Sat Mar 1 20:56:28 UTC 2008

On Saturday 01 March 2008 20:27:24 honorshark wrote:

> Nonono :) Apt-get update WILL SAY THE COMMAND! It will say something is
> messed up and type the following "XY" command to fix it. (I just dont
> remember..thats all)(The command is looks like sudo dpkg --configure -a
> or smth like this). Btw this was for "Sender: Lanzen" Subject: "Problem
> with KDE3.5.9"... nvm..sorry if I made a mistake.

No problem! :-)

sudo apt-get update ends up giving me no updates as expected. This is right 
because I've just updated to 3.5.9 a few hours ago.

Just to check a bit further I did sudo apt-get upgrade and it returns 
0 updated, 0 installed, 0 to be removed and 0 not updated (roughly 

BTW kde 3.5.9 is working fine on 64 so far barring the odd compiz akwardity 
(LOL). After all this kde shares disk space with gnome as I have both 
desktops here.


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