Problems with KDE4 under Kubuntu Hardy

Pastor JW pastor_jw at
Sun Jun 1 14:57:04 UTC 2008

On Sunday 01 June 2008 03:15:01 am Steve Lamb wrote:
>     Tell that to the OP.  Furthermore are you really suggesting a clean
> install because I accidentally removed my K button and can't move it on the
> bar?  Do you consider that reasonable for RELEASED software?  I don't.

Do you mean by "clean install", to install the whole of 8.04?   That would be 
almost impossible for me as I also have work to do on my computer all day.  I 
did "mark for complete removal" KDE4 and then reinstalled it, but that does 
not fix the K menu button.  It is still over on the right hand side instead 
of the left where it started.  Actually, if one removes everything and then 
puts everything back in the bottom bar, putting K menu button in FIRST then 
it is at least on the left side of all the buttons but still on the right 
side of the page.  There must be a way of moving those, else how in the world 
did they get the K over where it was in the first place?   Of course, like 
everyone else, I hate having to read documentation to learn every little 
thing.  Most of us have rather hectic days in the first place and time is 
something there just is no excess of.  Besides, we knew how to do it before!  
Now what we know is wasted learning!  The right click and seeing the "move"  
arrows no longer works.  Neither does shift drag, control click, shift 
click , alt click or anything else I have tried so far.
73 de N7PSV aka Pastor JW <n><   PDGA# 35276

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