Installation of Joomla 1.5 at Kubuntu 7.10

Bas Roufs basroufs at
Wed Feb 27 17:52:53 UTC 2008

Hey Donn

Thanks for your always quick and constructive answers.

> I'd imagine it's much like Mambo and Drupal : uncompress it into your apache 
> web directory somewhere (e.g /home/bas/public_html) and then point your 
> browser at http://localhost/~bas/JoomlaX.X
> That should start it's install process.
You might have a point. Also elsewhere, I have seen text in which Drupal 
and Joomla were being qualified similar. I choose for Joomla purely 
because of pragmatic reasons. It is the web development software that is 
being used by several of the friends/ partners with whom I am 
cooperating. One of them will offer a 1,5 day Joomla workshop in 
probably about two weeks. That's why I will start using Joomla too.

I have been looking for Joomla in the regular Kubuntu and Ubuntu 
repositories. There I did not yet find it so far. Is it in the 
repositories somewhere?

> 1. If your web directory is not in public_html, it may be in /var/www


> 2. Google around for apache2 stuff to get that kind of thing setup - it's not 
> easy and I always forget what I've done 3 seconds after I did it :)
please, explain a bit more, if possible. I have seen the name 'Apache' 
elsewhere in Joomla context. However, I do not yet know the role and 
importance of it.

> 3. You'll prob. need mysql server installed first (that's most common)

Also in this case, you might have a point bearing in mind what I already 
read about Joomla. However, pls. - could you briefly indicate what 
'MySQL' is?


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