Strange laptop key board problem making me mad.

Luís Silva lacsilva at
Tue Feb 19 09:54:12 UTC 2008

> Hello everybody
> At my desktop, I work very well with the key board ´ US Intl´  and a
> compose key (the left win key in my case): througout the system, with
> all applications. Until a few days ago, I had exactly the same
> settings at the laptop. At both machines, I work with Kubuntu 7.10.
> But because of some mistake I cannot reconstruct any more, the
> settings there changed - to the effect that I could not compose any
> accented characters there any more. So far, I managed to solve this
> problem ONLY partly. I went to system settings > regional/ language>
> key board. There I chose again ´US´  and the ´ intl.´  variant. At the
> tab XKB settings, I chose again for the left WIN key as compose key.
> These changes ONLY effect OPEN OFFICE.ORG. All the other applications/
> software programs only work with ´US Basic´ instead of ´US Intl´ with
> the compose key. This simply makes me mad.
> I also followed exactly the same procedures as a root user: no extra
> result whatsoever. So, I still have only accented characters in
> This is simply not acceptable for me. Please,
> please... help me to get back US Intl. and the compose key throughout
> the whole system.
> Thank you very much!
It seems tome that only OOffice is picking up a local configuration that 
should be global. Try to reconfigure Xorg:

sudo dpkg --reconfigure xorg

and select the US intl keyboard in there.

I hope this helps!
Luís A. C. Silva
lacsilva at
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