Strange laptop key board problem making me mad.

Anton Rolls anton at
Tue Feb 19 04:47:07 UTC 2008

Hi Bas,

Bas Roufs wrote:
> Hello everybody
> At my desktop, I work very well with the key board ´ US Intl´  and a
> compose key (the left win key in my case): througout the system, with
> all applications. Until a few days ago, I had exactly the same
> settings at the laptop. At both machines, I work with Kubuntu 7.10.
> But because of some mistake I cannot reconstruct any more, the
> settings there changed - to the effect that I could not compose any
> accented characters there any more. So far, I managed to solve this
> problem ONLY partly. I went to system settings > regional/ language>
> key board. There I chose again ´US´  and the ´ intl.´  variant. At the
> tab XKB settings, I chose again for the left WIN key as compose key.
> These changes ONLY effect OPEN OFFICE.ORG. All the other applications/
> software programs only work with ´US Basic´ instead of ´US Intl´ with
> the compose key. This simply makes me mad.
> I also followed exactly the same procedures as a root user: no extra
> result whatsoever. So, I still have only accented characters in
> This is simply not acceptable for me. Please,
> please... help me to get back US Intl. and the compose key throughout
> the whole system.
> Thank you very much!
> Bas.

Here's an approach that might help:

1) List all files in date order and save the most recent (up to a few 
days ago, when you first got your problem) to a file.

2) Edit the file.

3) Examine each line and gradually eliminate files which have nothing to 
do with system settings.

4) If you can do a good job of elimination, then you should be left with 
the file which changed, and probably related to the cause of the trouble.

How to do step 1:

I have this in my .bashrc file, so I can just type 'recent'.

  # Find the most recently changed files (recursively) -Anton
  alias recent="find . -type f -printf '%TY-%Tm-%Td/%TT %p\n' | sort"
  alias latest="recent | tail -1"

So type:

	cd /
	sudo su
	recent > recentfiles

Then edit the file. This might be a huge file at first (mine is 13MB)
but remember you only want the last few days, which are at the bottom,
so you can delete most of the file in one step.

Hope this helps,


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