Email goes to Outbox

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sun Dec 14 02:21:00 UTC 2008

>Now I would expect you can see the account name Kmail uses for sending mail. 
>It has nothing to do with your account name at your provider. unless you 
>have manually changed this name, it was derived from your email address when 
>you created the account, i.e. Kmail uses the domain of your email address 
>with a capital first letter. And this is the name which I see in the error 
>message when I try to send mail while the network isn't available.

Dear Nils,

I see what you mean.  It does show my account as on smtp 

It says my account on pop is Studio25.  Could these differences be the reason 
my sending is delayed?

Since we are required to name things in the configuration of our programs, and 
I have never named my account, therefore, it appeared, perhaps, 
the reason I was having difficulty sending emails.  

In fact, before my server instructed me to use my email address in naming the 
it works like this for account, I used the name Studio25 for that purpose.  
Everything worked fine both ways.  

This was the first time in my experience that the name had been supplied by a 
mail program.  Before it was named either by me, or a requirement by the 
server.  If this is correct then I accept it, and will continue to look for 
whatever is amiss.  

If I can't change it, though, I will have to change back to Thunderbird, 
because there is just too much time used and too much clicking to get an 
email to send this way.  When I click on send using Thunderbird, it sends 
without any delay.

If you and other kmail users have to do this every time you send an email, you 
are much more patient than me, and I though I was very patient.


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