Email goes to Outbox

Nils Kassube kassube at
Sat Dec 13 07:54:35 UTC 2008

Steven Vollom wrote:
> > is the name for your account within Kmail.
> Nils, the name of my account is Steven Vollom, the Organization is
> Studio25. The only other names I have used for an account is my email
> address, one time, and Studio25, several times.

OK, you may be right because I can't see your settings. OTOH, maybe I 
wasn't clear which account name I was referring to.

Please go to "Settings" -> "Configure Kmail ...". There select "Accounts" 
and select the tab "Sending". Now I would expect you can see the account 
name Kmail uses for sending mail. It has nothing to do with your account 
name at your provider. unless you have manually changed this name, it was 
derived from your email address when you created the account, i.e. Kmail 
uses the domain of your email address with a capital first letter. And 
this is the name which I see in the error message when I try to send mail 
while the network isn't available.

> I sent a png of my Account 
> Name to Bruce, do you want me to send you one to your personal email
> address.  

If my explanation above doesn't clarify the account name issue, please 
send the picture.


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