Email goes to Outbox

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Sat Dec 13 01:46:55 UTC 2008

> is the name for your account within Kmail. 

Nils, the name of my account is Steven Vollom, the Organization is Studio25.  
The only other names I have used for an account is my email address, one 
time, and Studio25, several times.

>Go to the Kmail configuration and have a look at your
> account name.

I did; it is 'Steven Vollom'.  I am also familiar with my server, both pop. 
and smtp.

> It should be

This I do not understand.  Do I name my account or does the mail client.  I 
remember typing in the words, which were never  I don't even 
remember ever typing with a capital 's' because of case 
sensitivity.  I sent a png of my Account Name to Bruce, do you want me to 
send you one to your personal email address.  Don't you understand, it is 
because I can not find anything to show as a name for my 
account or anything else, that I considered the possibility of a bug.  It 
seems reasonable that the jelousy of a company to get their name out there in 
all cases would make unlikely that would'nt have me change my 
email address from stevenvollom at to stevenvollom at  
I have seen many individuals with the later email address type.  But that is 
not the case with me.  The only change they had me make was to change to  Same with smtp.  That was done 
years ago.

Perhaps my post is not clear.  But it seems probably a simple word change to 
correct the issue if it is one.  I truly am only trying to contribute, not 

>Sometimes I can see the same error if my router isn't online when I click the 
send button. 

I haven't removed Thunderbird yet from my computer.  It contains some 
technical and personal emails in its records that I don't want to lose, and I 
haven't figured out how to transfer them yet, but I opened Thunderbird and 
sent a few hours of emails to see if it had connection problems with the 
server.  Never once did it send an email to the Outbox.  Never once did it 
linger in sending at all.

Each time I send using Kmail there is a prolonged delay.  It is not something 
I cannot live with, because otherwise I prefer the program, but it happens 
every time.  I was looking for anything peculiar to my configuration might 
have cause conflict with the programmers instructions.  Because I cannot 
change my email address with my server, I thought if it was a programming 
error that rarely happened, it still may be an error programmers would want 
to remove.  I just don't know how they think.

Am I talking in a way that offends, right now?  I can't figure out why Bruce 
is doing this.  If you know what it is, tell me?  I am thick skinned.  I will 
change.  Someone complained about my post length and taught me how to trim.  
Isn't it noticed how careful I am to change the things that I do wrong?


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