Problems with kwin and kwallet.

Steven Vollom stevenvollom at
Tue Dec 9 07:38:23 UTC 2008

> My suggestion would be that you stop reinstalling all the packages that 
> seem to be not working. 
The only broken packages are Kwin and Kwallet (and perhaps KDEwallet).  
Since removal of Kwallet, Kwin won't stay running, and I don't know how 
to navigate the desktop without the drag capability offered by Kwin.  
When Kwallet is removed, it still keeps asking for a Kwallet password, 
as though it is still in the system.  For many months it has been like 
that, however, I did not use Kmail then, and no other program raised the 
kwallet problem.  When I was finally able to get kmail working again, 
this new problem rose.  I have to keep reinstalling Kwin, or I can't 
operate my computer.
> Therefore you will have to find out where the personal configuration file is and delete that file (or rename it).
Thanks.  I think I will be able to find and rename it.  I don't want to 
remove it until I find out how many other programs it affects.

> Your personal configuration files for KDE are in "$HOME/.kde/".
It was rc files that fixed my Email problem.  Are rc files always 
configuration files?  That would be nice to know.
> So look for kwalletrc in the above mentioned directory and delete it.
Initially kwallet was the package I removed to try to fix the problem.  
I reinstalled it too.  Later, I noticed when I was unable to get kwallet 
to accept a new password for kmail that it referred to *kdewallet *in 
the error message instead of *kwallet.  *When I attempted to remove 
kdewallet, I typed the following into the command line, sudo apt-get 
autoremove kdewallet.  It was a guess for proper wording.  The computer 
responded that that folder did not exist.
> so search for a directory kwallet and remove that directory.
Unless I hear otherwise, I will rename it too.  I am leery of removing 
stuff I don't know the contents.
> Then when you save the new kmail setup don't use a password for kwallet. 
If I don't enter a password, is it just going to keep coming up every 
time I send an email?  I thought that I had indicated in kmail 
configuration that the password and username were to be remembered, and 
still kwallet came up.  Kwallet kept popping up even when it was 
uninstalled from my computer.  Thanks Nils; I can follow this 
instruction.  Do you think my problem with Kwin will go away when this 
problem is fixed?  It didn't really happen until I removed Kwallet.


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