Problems with kwin and kwallet.

Nils Kassube kassube at
Tue Dec 9 06:29:21 UTC 2008

Steven Vollom wrote:
> This mess happened, I think, because kwallet was not functioning
> properly.  I attempted to add the password for Kmail after I got it
> working and kwallet did not accept my sudo password.  I tried all the
> passwords I have thinking perhaps I set that password differently. 
> None worked.  I then removed kwallet, intending to reinstall,
> hopefully, a functioning package.  So I think removal of kwallet was
> what screwed things up.  Anyway, when I finish this post, I will
> attempt to configure kwallet once more.  Thanks for any input you may
> have or instructions.  I may have difficulty again.  The computer has
> not booted and worked properly since this set of problems began.

My suggestion would be that you stop reinstalling all the packages that 
seem to be not working. That really doesn't help and I think you have 
seen that already. The problem is that many programs use personal 
configuration files once you have started them. Reinstalling programs 
only replaces global configuration files but never touches personal 
configuration files and the problem persists. Therefore you will have to 
find out where the personal configuration file is and delete that file 
(or rename it).

Your personal configuration files for KDE are in "$HOME/.kde/". This is a 
hidden directory so you have to enable the display of hidden files in 
your file manager to find this directory. There are several places in 
this directory where you can find the configuration for a particular 
program. First look in "$HOME/.kde/share/config/". The file names are 
usually derived from the program name with "rc" appended. So look for 
kwalletrc in the above mentioned directory and delete it. If that doesn't 
help, there might be further configuration files in a separate directory 
for each KDE program in "$HOME/.kde/share/apps/". The directory name is 
usually the name of the application, so search for a directory kwallet 
and remove that directory.

Now if you have removed the kwallet files you will have to do the kmail 
configuration for your email accounts again because the information was 
actually stored in the kwallet files. Then when you save the new kmail 
setup don't use a password for kwallet. As nobody except you has access 
to your machine it is not really necessary to have a password.


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