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Eberhard Roloff tuxebi at
Mon Aug 25 08:53:12 UTC 2008

Derek Broughton schrieb:
> John Heinen wrote:
>> I installed opensuse on a gateway  64 bit dual core  (win vista)
>> computer, while installing opensuse, the installer noted no modem found!
>> Does that mean it was unable to read the factory installed modem?
>> There is a modem though, I use it for vista
>> What would the command be  for opensuse to find  and recognise the modem
>> present?
> Er, this is a Kubuntu list...  
> However, Kubuntu might have no more luck than SuSE, as strictly the
> installer was probably right - your system probably has what is called
> a "softmodem", which means that it doesn't have a genuine modem and the
> functionality is done in software.  Without some clue about what sort of
> modem you have, even the SuSE support lists won't be able to help you.

ok, assuming that you will finally see the light and swith over to 

F.w.i.w, last weekend, I converted a former suse 11/64bit user to 
kubuntu. This was because installing KDE 4.1 on suse made his computer 
absolutely unuseable because it ended up to be an unresolvable mess of 
32bit and 64bit applications. Now he is a happy camper, once again....;-)

I would suggest to use "lspci" (being root, before issuing the 
command) in order to firstly indentify your modem, and only then 
decide which driver you may eventually need.

kind regards

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