KDE4 or stay with KDE3

Paul Lemmons paul at lemmons.name
Mon Apr 21 20:11:17 UTC 2008

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Subject: KDE4 or stay with KDE3
From: Richard <cms0009 at gmail.com>
To: Kubuntu Help and User Discussions <kubuntu-users at lists.ubuntu.com>
Date: 04/21/2008 11:31 AM
> just asking the group, should I stay with KDE3, or move on to the KDE4...
> 8.04
> Still heard some bugs in KDE4 about crashing...on the RC release.
> Thanks !!
> Richard
I am sticking with KDE3. I have a VM with KDE4 in it and occasionally 
fire it up, update and check it out. It is pretty but not yet functional 
enough for me to spend 8-10 hours a day on it. It is not broken, it is 
simply not done yet. I plan on being patient and once they fix konsole 
tabs and the panel to have at least the functionality that the KDE3 
versions have, I will most likely move.

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