KDE4 or stay with KDE3

Scott slewin at bmts.com
Mon Apr 21 19:43:56 UTC 2008

Richard wrote:
> just asking the group, should I stay with KDE3, or move on to the KDE4...
> 8.04
> Still heard some bugs in KDE4 about crashing...on the RC release
I'm sticking with KDE3 myself.  KDE4 is not that buggy, but it is really 
the start of something amazing.  It looks really nice, but not a lot of 
features haves been fully developed and you can not do that much with 
it.  For example, I could not figure out how to add a second panel at 
the top; something I consider a requirement.

I'm very happy with the KDE3 in the 8.04RC and will probably switch over 
to KDE4 either when KDE4.1 comes out or when Kubuntu 8.10 comes out, at 
the latest.

Your friend,

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