User Manager on Hardy

Nigel Ridley nigel at
Tue Apr 8 17:10:44 UTC 2008

David Fletcher wrote:
> At 10:52 08/04/2008, you wrote:
>> David Fletcher wrote:
>>> The fundamental thing that doesn't work for me is the System Settings
>>> -> User Management. I use the Administrator Mode button, but still
>>> the buttons for New, Modify and Delete user are greyed out. Can
>>> anybody else confirm this please?
>> I had the same problem some time ago, but I think it was caused by old
>> config files somewhere in the directory ~/.kde (I did an upgrade from
>> Dapper). I deleted that directory and started with a fresh KDE
>> environment and the system settings also worked in administrator mode.
>> But beware, if you delete that directory, you may loose your emails (and
>> maybe other things which are important to you). You could try the
>> command "kdesu systemsettings" (without quotes) if nothing else works.
>> Nils
> The machine I am fiddling with at home was a fresh installation. The 
> machine I set up for a friend was a fresh installation onto a fresh 
> hard drive. Both have the same problem. I reinstated the users' home 
> folders from a Dapper installation on the friend's machine, but I 
> don't think I carried over the administrator's home folder.
> What I can do is try deleting the ~/.kde folder, unless I can find a 
> systemsettings config file somewhere in there, and try again.
> Dave

'sudo apt-get install kuser'



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