pppoe grinds to a halt

Donn Ingle donn.ingle at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 14:09:32 UTC 2007

> > I have no idea - the router is on the roof, connecting wirelessly to a
> > base station far away.
> now you have to explain that.
Heh :)
>From my pov it's a white box on my roof with an ethernet cable coming
down the wall and inside, into my eth2 port. I don't know what goes on
inside that box. It connects to the ISP's network wirelessly in ways
too arcane and voodoo for my simple mind to comprehend.

> either you have a wlan router in your roof that´s connected to your ISP and
> your computer does 'usually' dhcp
That's it. I was given a static IP by chance when the ISP was here
hacking it into shape. I use it when pppoe stops working, as I say,
merely as a desperate attempt at "resetting" the networking on Kubuntu
then pppoe goes *really* belly-up and starts giving me "pppoe no
available protocol" (or something like that) messages. It has not
worked. I still end up rebooting Kubuntu.
This is a different problem to the grinding-halt one. I posted about
it a bit earlier, but gmail messages are sometimes not being sent from
kmail through the pop for some reason. (Unrelated to the mailing list
"invisible OP" issues.)

> I have used the following pppoe settings (translated to your setup) for years:
>     iface eth2 inet manual
This is different from mine. Is 'manual' the same as 'static' ?


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