Kubuntu vs. Ubuntu

Maynard Wright m-wright at eskimo.com
Tue Sep 18 19:37:12 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 18 September 2007 10:54, Knapp wrote:
> > I. personally,  haven't used Windows at all for about six years.
> >
> > Neil Winchurst
> I have not used it for years ether. Fun to get to say that at last!
> Douglas

In 1966, I used a Bendix G-15, IIRC, with a rotating drum memory and lots of 
tubes (12AT7s, I think) to design an antenna system.  Since I was mostly a 
slide rule guy at the time, I got a lot of help from a friend who was pretty 
good at assembly code.

I ventured into DOS (and UNIX) after CP/M but, except to help friends, I 
haven't used Windows for years.  My last use of Windows for an employer was 
W98SE.  I confess to having a really old laptop  (floppies only) with 95 on 
it, but it's not in use and I suppose I ought to figure out how to put Linux 
on it one of these days.

I'm sticking with Dapper LTS for the time being because I want to have a 
stable OS that I don't have to "tune" as I have other things that I need to do 
with the computer.  I suspect that there are quite a few like me, who really 
don't want to fiddle with their OS (for the time being), but who like various 
aspects of Linux and, consequently, haven't used Windows for awhile.


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