Cannot switch keyboard layout and see what it is. No longer talking about keyboard switching with ctr-alt which is still unsolved.

Knapp magick.crow at
Tue Sep 18 20:53:39 BST 2007

>You can probably change it. Poke around /usr/share/locale/l10n and
>maybe grep the term dvorak. I also use dvorak, I have the language
>indicator set to " " for US-English, and "D" for dvorak so that I can
>tell which is selected.

>Start a new thread on the subject and don't hijack! (That was with a smile).

>Dotan Cohen

> Yes, but when you go to "System Settings / Regional & Language / Keyboard
> Layout" you select a "layout" of "US English".  This is what the flag
> represents.  Then you select a "layout variant" below that which
> includes "basic", "intl" and various dvorak layouts.
> --
> derek
I am not sure it is hijacking. Are we not still talking about keyboard
switching? Not that I would mind a new subject heading. :-) Did not
mean to hijack anything. I guess we are not talking about ctrl alt
keyboard switch.

The flag shows "Keyboard Layout". Yes, it is English but what kind?
This is like calling you Derek in a class with 5 Dereks. Also if you
think about it, most likely a person using keyboard switch with Dvorak
would be switching from normal to Dvorak.

How did you change the language indicator? I tried that a back when
they first changed the flag icon but had no luck.


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