Installing/Running a Win98SE accounting app in Wine

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> > First of all (as the acronym says), Wine Is Not an Emulator.  
> That's not at all helpful.  Even the Wine developers rarely actually
> say that.  imo, Wine IS an emulator.  The people who say it isn't
> simply qualify their opinion by considering an emulator to mean
> "hardware emulator".  Wine provides a linux implementation of the
> Windows API, allowing Linux to _emulate_ at least a large part of
> Windows.

Well, I think its helpful to remember that, because many people try to
use it as a replacement for the Windows operating system in Linux.

As you say, Wine provides a Linux version (and not a full emulation) of
the Windows API.  This means that a program in Windows may be able to
run under Linux using Wine, if - and only if - it makes calls on the
Windows API, but even that is not certain.

Wine is not a hardware emulator nor is it an emulator for the Windows
operating system.  If it were, Micro$oft would have long ago taken
legal action against the Wine Project and Codeweavers in particular.
What Wine has become is a useful open source tool to help people run
some Windows programs under Linux, and no more.

It comes into its own, however, in applications like Codeweavers
Office, in which the coding for Wine is integrated into an application
which will run many more Windows applications more efficiently.
However, this leaves the concept of software libre and free software

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