Samba Samba!

Tim M southern.tim at
Tue Sep 18 18:54:29 UTC 2007

Nah, I am just too thick to get Samba to work. I tried to

> monkey-copy-monkey-paste my way through it, but 'taint happening!
> I have tried every combination of username and password on both sides of
> the
> O/S divide and one simply cannot see the other.
> Can anyone take me by the hand as I aim for:
> 1. Open an Exploder window on XP and browse a folder on Kubuntu (with rw)
> 2. Open a Konqy on Kubuntu and browse a folder on XP (with rw)
> 3. Be secure about it!
> Any boffins out there

Donn, SAMBA is a hard nut to crack. If anyone is to thick to get Samba
running it is ME. But I kept at it and finally got it working. I am on the
road so I don't have access to my server (didn't get it completed before I
left) but if I remember correctly smb.conf was a source of a lot of the
problems. I found a book that helped me set it up. Ubuntu Hacks I believe is
the name. While it is not perfect it gives you the steps to follow. I would
try to set it up on an old machine first . . . I finally got SAMBA working
only to to find that ssh didn't work. It took lot of time but now both work
well. Good luck and don't give up. Remember the most fun is in the journey .
. . have fun with it.

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