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Will will04 at
Wed Sep 19 12:16:14 UTC 2007

I'm guessing the ext2 program for windows does not do what you want? I
browse my Kubuntu partition files from windows.

On 9/18/07, Tim M <southern.tim at> wrote:
> Nah, I am just too thick to get Samba to work. I tried to
> > monkey-copy-monkey-paste my way through it, but 'taint happening!
> >
> > I have tried every combination of username and password on both sides of
> > the
> > O/S divide and one simply cannot see the other.
> >
> > Can anyone take me by the hand as I aim for:
> > 1. Open an Exploder window on XP and browse a folder on Kubuntu (with
> > rw)
> > 2. Open a Konqy on Kubuntu and browse a folder on XP (with rw)
> > 3. Be secure about it!
> >
> > Any boffins out there
> Donn, SAMBA is a hard nut to crack. If anyone is to thick to get Samba
> running it is ME. But I kept at it and finally got it working. I am on the
> road so I don't have access to my server (didn't get it completed before I
> left) but if I remember correctly smb.conf was a source of a lot of the
> problems. I found a book that helped me set it up. Ubuntu Hacks I believe is
> the name. While it is not perfect it gives you the steps to follow. I would
> try to set it up on an old machine first . . . I finally got SAMBA working
> only to to find that ssh didn't work. It took lot of time but now both work
> well. Good luck and don't give up. Remember the most fun is in the journey .
> . . have fun with it.
> Tim
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