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Derek Broughton news at pointerstop.ca
Tue Sep 18 12:49:19 UTC 2007

john d. herron wrote:

> For many years I've used a simple but efficient double-entry Windoze
> accounting program called Banana.
> It is said (by users who've tried) to run well on top of Wine.
> Have a working version of it in a dedicated folder on /hda1 (Win98SE)
> and an installable version on an original CD.
> To try it out in my current Kubuntu 7.04 environment I've installed wine
> 0.9.83 via adept.

Wow.  I've only got 0.9.45 and I got it from winehq!  I expect it's actually
0.9.33, which is in universe :-)

> However, haven't found any (to me) understandable instructions on how to
> use it. KDE app menus show the following options:

In a terminal:

# env WINEPREFIX=~/banana wineprefixcreate
# env WINEPREFIX=~/banana wine "D:\setup.exe"
(or whatever the install program is called on the CD)

In most cases, that will actually be enough to put an icon on your desktop. 
If it doesn't,

# env WINEPREFIX=~/banana wine "C:\Program Files\Banana\banana.exe" 
is pretty likely to be close to the command to actually run the program.

Note, most HOWTOs probably don't bother with the WINEPREFIX business, but I
like to keep every wine install in its own sandbox (or "wine bottle" as
CodeWeavers call it).

Note also, the Wine Application database and winehq.org almost certainly has
more specific instructions for banana, if there are banana users telling
you that it runs well in Wine (somehow, bananas and wine just take me back
to my early days making fruit wines, and I really don't want to go

btw, please use more descriptive subject lines.  Many people would just
delete a thread with a title like this, unread.  I would on a busier day...

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