[kubuntu-users] kde4 beta2

Chris Gow sniffy at rogers.com
Tue Sep 11 04:30:29 UTC 2007

I can say that I seem to be in a similar situation. I just upgraded to gutsy 
and followed the instructions on kubuntu. When I log into the KDE 4 session, 
I get:

- runner
- plasma developer toolbox
- where kicker is/supposed to be I get two widgets that say: This object could 
not be created

I was under the impression that a number of additional plasma applets were 
included/available with the beta (judging from articles from the dot and 
such). As it is, there isn't a lot that I can do within a kde 4 session atm? 
Even exiting the session I resorted to CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE :O. 

Will the kubuntu kde4 packages get updated periodically or is this it till the 
next kde beta?

I'm not familiar with kdebase-workspace, what is it supposed to include that 
isn't in any of the 'standard' kde packages (libs, pimlibs, base...)? I sort 
of assumed that it would include goodies that haven't made it into the kde 
trunk yet.


-- chris

On Monday 10 September 2007 22:33:42 Michael W. Holdeman wrote:
> Thanks, Terence, works now.
> Now however the install is just plain. I setup according to the
> instructions on kubuntu.org. I can loginto a kde4 session, but there is no
> menu, kicker, etc... only a wallpaper saying a new desktop. And some
> toolbox that for the most part is non functional.
> now, I hope noone flames me, I am well aware this is BETA! I like using
> beta software and attempting to assist a developer in finding bugs...
> etc... but is this all kde4 is at this time? I did try and install some
> other kde4 stuff that comes up with the kubuntu installer by filtering on
> kde4. everything went ok..
> Is this it, or is there anissue with my system. My 3.5.7 works great with a
> small hal problem that I need to repair.
> Mike
> On Friday 07 September 2007 10:26:36 pm Terence Simpson wrote:
> > Michael W. Holdeman wrote:
> > > kdebase-workspace says it depends on kde4base, but also conflicts with
> > > kde4base??
> > >
> > > Mike
> >
> > That should be fixed now.
> >
> > Just so everyone knows, the main beta2 packages _should_ all now be
> > available. However, some of the other beta2 modules (like kde4pim and
> > kde4addons) are still from beta1, so not all packages are beta2 yet.
> >
> > Terence

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