Kubuntu causing computer to overheat. (I think)

David McGlone david.mcglone at att.net
Thu Sep 6 01:04:09 UTC 2007

On Tuesday 04 September 2007 4:56:40 pm T. Scott Testerman wrote:
> Sorry to jump in, but I have weird sensor reporting on my M/B too, so I
> know a little about this.
> You said before that Kubuntu is reporting a temperature from your computer.
> I'm guessing that means you installed lm-sensors?  If so, did you run
> sensors-detect?  If you installed a package with an alarm function to help
> shut down your PC when it goes outside preset limits, that would explain
> the shutdowns.  If you didn't, then it means your hardware is doing it for
> you, and you do have a real problem.

I have lm-sensors installed. I did run sensors-detect and it detected 
everything. But, I don't know about any package for alarm functions. Any idea 
what I should be looking for or how to find out if I have any packages of 
such? This may be something of importance. If what you say is true, then If I 
don't have any packages installed of such, then it would point to hardware 
> Since some of my sensors are reversed I had to edit /etc/sensors.conf to
> get them in the correct order.  This is probably not your problem, but keep
> it in mind just in case.  The temperature reading in your BIOS Setup should
> match the output of the 'sensors' command fairly closely.

I have nothing in the BIOS that gives any information on temperature. All I 
have to go by is lm-sensors.

> If not, then 
> it's time to edit sensors.conf.  The file isn't difficult to navigate, but
> it could take you some time if you have to start editing a formula (again,
> probably not necessary; maybe just uncomment one that's already there).

David M.

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