Kubuntu causing computer to overheat. (I think)

T. Scott Testerman Scott at scotttesterman.com
Fri Sep 7 10:34:30 UTC 2007

OK, so if lm-sensors is installed that explains where you're getting 
temperature readings, but it doesn't explain why you're getting outer space 
readings for your temperatures.  Have you checked /etc/sensors.conf for your 
sensors and motherboard?  It already has many of the known troublesome boards 
and chips documented, along with the correct lines to make them function.  
The full documentation and forums are at http://lm-sensors.org/ and could be 
of help.

Also, are there really current motherboards out there that don't have at least 
rudimentary temperature reporting in the BIOS?  I know that it's been common 
on even cheap boards since around 2000/2001, so I would be surprised if your 
board doesn't have it.  If you have sensors to dectect at all, then it would 
be surprising if you don't have a report in the BIOS configuration somewhere, 
otherwise there would be no purpose in having the sensors.


On Wednesday 05 September 2007 09:04:09 pm David McGlone wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 September 2007 4:56:40 pm T. Scott Testerman wrote:
> > Sorry to jump in, but I have weird sensor reporting on my M/B too, so I
> > know a little about this.
> >
> > You said before that Kubuntu is reporting a temperature from your
> > computer. I'm guessing that means you installed lm-sensors?  If so, did
> > you run sensors-detect?  If you installed a package with an alarm
> > function to help shut down your PC when it goes outside preset limits,
> > that would explain the shutdowns.  If you didn't, then it means your
> > hardware is doing it for you, and you do have a real problem.
> I have lm-sensors installed. I did run sensors-detect and it detected
> everything. But, I don't know about any package for alarm functions. Any
> idea what I should be looking for or how to find out if I have any packages
> of such? This may be something of importance. If what you say is true, then
> If I don't have any packages installed of such, then it would point to
> hardware failure.
> > Since some of my sensors are reversed I had to edit /etc/sensors.conf to
> > get them in the correct order.  This is probably not your problem, but
> > keep it in mind just in case.  The temperature reading in your BIOS Setup
> > should match the output of the 'sensors' command fairly closely.
> I have nothing in the BIOS that gives any information on temperature. All I
> have to go by is lm-sensors.
> > If not, then
> > it's time to edit sensors.conf.  The file isn't difficult to navigate,
> > but it could take you some time if you have to start editing a formula
> > (again, probably not necessary; maybe just uncomment one that's already
> > there).
> --
> David M.

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