Kubuntu causing computer to overheat. (I think)

T. Scott Testerman Scott at scotttesterman.com
Tue Sep 4 20:56:40 UTC 2007

Sorry to jump in, but I have weird sensor reporting on my M/B too, so I know a 
little about this.

You said before that Kubuntu is reporting a temperature from your computer.  
I'm guessing that means you installed lm-sensors?  If so, did you run 
sensors-detect?  If you installed a package with an alarm function to help 
shut down your PC when it goes outside preset limits, that would explain the 
shutdowns.  If you didn't, then it means your hardware is doing it for you, 
and you do have a real problem.

Since some of my sensors are reversed I had to edit /etc/sensors.conf to get 
them in the correct order.  This is probably not your problem, but keep it in 
mind just in case.  The temperature reading in your BIOS Setup should match 
the output of the 'sensors' command fairly closely.  If not, then it's time 
to edit sensors.conf.  The file isn't difficult to navigate, but it could 
take you some time if you have to start editing a formula (again, probably 
not necessary; maybe just uncomment one that's already there).

Good luck with your frozen PC!

On Tuesday 04 September 2007 11:02:33 am David McGlone wrote:
> On Tuesday 04 September 2007 8:18:05 am Donn wrote:
> > Damn, this is a first! An underheating processor. :) Sorry, I don't mean
> > to laugh at your predicament, but it is a little amusing.
> I find it amusing too. According to Kubuntu I should have a block of ice
> sitting there.
> > I would check the BIOS first, there might be something you can do in
> > there. What about changing the fan?
> I've checked the BIOS. There is nothing in there at all related to
> temperature.
> --
> David M.

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