Virtual Machine Vs Separate Partition

Scott slewin at
Fri Oct 26 19:40:34 BST 2007


	I want to experiment with other Linux distributions and with other OS's 
(BSD, etc.).  Also, I would like to be able to test new versions of 
Kubuntu before using them on both my computers.  I have herd some 
discussion on the Ubuntu sites about Virtual Machines, which I have 
never used, and that haves sparked some interest in me.  I am even 
thinking about testing out using Win XP in a Virtual Machine instead of 
Dual Boot if that is possible.

	For the testing, would it be better for me to cut my hard drive up more 
(I have 5 partitions already) and throw the tests in the new partition 
or would a virtual machine be easier?

	I'm using a Inspiron 1501 laptop which haves a AMD 64 Athlon X2 running 
at a total of 1.6Ghz and with 1GB of RAM.

	Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and, don't worry, I have 
no intentions of Leaving Kubuntu :).  I have tried Debian, PCLinux OS, 
and even a 6 month trip into Ubuntu, but I have always came back to the 
Kubuntu :).

Your friend,

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