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All these are very nice but that do you use in firefox?

On 10/26/07, Michael Hirsch <mdhirsch at> wrote:
> On 10/24/07, Karl Vanwynsberghe <karl.vanwynsberghe at> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Is there also something like the following in win-XP.
> > => When sending multiple pictures via explorer then you have a option to
> > resize all the pitures.
> > This way you're able to send morepictures at once.
> I get to plug my solution.  It's a KDE Service Menu which can be found
> here:
> It's just a simple shell script (but with GUI feedback!).  if you
> install it in the right place, puts an "Action" on the right-click
> menu to resize the photos.
> I use it all the time, and so does my wife.  Give it a try.
> Michael
> Here's the description:
> resizePhoto is a nice service menu to resize your photos to a size
> suitable for emailing. It will resize any picture so that it is no
> more than 640 pixels on a side while preserving the aspect ration.
> This size can easily be changed by editing a text file.
> You can resize any number of photos simultaneously by multiselecting
> them in Konqueror, then choosing the "Resize Photo" service menu.
> A dialog will display the progress. The dialog has a cancel button.
> Usage:
> Open a folder containing some image files (.png, .jpg, .gif) in Konqueror.
> Select one or several of these files.
> Right-click one of the selected file and select Action->Resize Photo.
> (See first screenshot.)
> A dialog will appear showing the progress of the resizing. (See second
> screenshot.) Press cancel if you so desire.
> A folder named "Sized" will appear in the image folder. The resized
> photos are in that folder.
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