Display manager problem

Earl Violet ejviolet at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 23 15:11:25 UTC 2007

Earl Violet wrote:
>> Have you compared xorg configurations between the LiveCD and the 
>> install?  This could give you a hint.

> I believe I did early on. This has been a problem since I've had
>this system. It SEEMS to me that the xorg.conf I'm running is the
one >that I took from the Feisty LiveCD, though I could easily be
wrong. >I'll try that again tomorrow.

>My understanding was that X wasn't running at this stage in the boot
>process. Do I have that wrong?

<< snip>> I hadn't tried. As it turns out, no, I can't.I get the
Kubuntu screen with the progress bar, then a wristwatch cursor icon,
then an arrow cursor icon. I then see a square of white briefly,
about 1/2" by 1/2", then black screen. At that point, ctr-alt-F1 (or
Fanything else) does nothing.<<snip>>

This made me think you have an X crash of some sorts.  It sounds like
X is trying to start then hits the wall.  When I saw something like
this, X wasn't configured correctly.  But, for me, it brought me back
to the command line.

This suggests to me something wrong with loading the login manager
kills the whole start-up process.  If you attempt to remove KDM, I
think this will kill the whole system.

OK, someone, can he install GDM once he is into his machine and
replace KDM with it?


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